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Enushka M.

Enushka has had years of personal experience in the field of maintenance services, and also has had hands on training along with an up and extremely close look at the nitty gritty details of it. Having experienced it all, Enushka decided to create his own platform that provided a wide range of everyday maintenance services that an average Australian need in their daily busy lives. His main goal is to create a platform that can serve not only the very basic maintenance needs of an Australian individual, but can also be customized so as to give high end services, all under one roof without the hassle that comes with most modern online business transactions. Enushka has a lot of experience under his belt as well. Having studied CIMA as well as management at a University in Melbourne, Enushka has also acted as an intern at one of the most reputed and popular hotels in all of Melbourne.

Gaurav N.

The brain behind the marketing logistics and strategies of ECDomestic, Gaurav N. is a man of rare experience in the business industry. With almost a decade of experience under his belt, Gaurav aims to drive ECDomestics to new heights by combining his marketing skills along with top of the line services for home owners across all kinds of fields of life, as well as prospective future clients. Gaurav believes in the spirit of things, which is why his aim is to set up ECDomestics as a business that goes above and beyond its normal call of duty, and in doing so, sets itself apart from other such small-scale businesses in the same industry. Gaurav has also been a part of some of the biggest companies in the whole world including British Telecom and Accenture. During his stint in such companies. Gaurav has truly learned the meaning of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, which is what drives him, still today, to be the best he can be, which has directly translated into ECDomestics into having a unique and loyal client base.

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