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Clean and Organised Home is a Gateway to Healthy Life

clean home healthy life

Imagine yourself entering a friend’s house which is all cluttered with undesirable stuff having dust inside out. What impression would you get of him? Shabby and poorly maintained! We usually judge people by the way they live and how profusely they keep their surroundings. Tacky ambience leads to unstable mind and poor health. On contrary, living in a neat, tidy and clean household will make you healthier, fitter and better boosting your confidence. Clean and organised home is a gateway to healthier and happier life. There are several other perquisites to a clean home.

1.   Reduce Stress Level

clean home stree free life

Untidy Rooms can hike the stress levels leaving you pompous and dejected hence affecting your relations with your loved ones.
According to Psychologist and Author Sherrie Bourg Carter

“Clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli, causing our senses to work overtime on stimuli that aren’t necessary or important.”

In Layman’s terms: Mess causes stress.

In 2010, Times published a study led by Nicole Keith, an associate professor of physical education at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. The study involved 998 African Americans ages 49-65 who lived in St. Louis and participated in the African American Health longitudinal study, which began in 2000. The outcome was unexpected. Keith stated “At the end of the day, the interior condition of their house seemed to be the only thing affecting their physical activity.
From Keith’s statement, it is evident that a neat and clean house has an undeviating connection to our healthy body.


2.   Give a Boost to Your Mental Health

clean home boost mental health

Many people feel frustrated in messy environment. Maintaining Mental Health &  Neat Environment goes hand in hand. Cleaning and Decluttering  your home or workplace aids in releasing the negative energy providing a cleaner, healthier and comfortable space to breathe in. The environment of home has a great impact in one’s life. Removing Dust from corners and art pieces of the room, mopping the floors regularly will give you a refreshing environment boosting your mental health.

3.    Improve Your Immune System

clean home healthy intestine

Our lovely home is full of mites and other microscopic creatures and germs that are really distressing to neglect. Do you know Indoor air can be 5 times more impure than outer air which can lead to allergies, running nose, coughing & even asthma. Dodge the consequences to get a stronger immune system by changing your bed sheets regularly, removing extra clutter from your wardrobe & deep-cleaning your carpets frequently.


4.    Kick Fat and Get Fit

cleaning workout

Wow! Clean and Get Fit. Yes.. You Heard it right. You can Actually get fit without spending plentiful amount in gym by doing household chores because cleaning is a workout in itself. You can tone your muscles & burn calories while washing, scrubbing, vacuuming leaving your home  spotless and your body flawless. Scrubbing the tiles and floors will tone your arms burning 350 calories per hour. Vacuuming your floors is another great exercise that will help you burn 165 calories per hour giving your arms a good cardio workout.

5.    Intensify Your Productivity

cleaning leads to productivity

Success starts with organising and organising starts from oneself. Your home is the extension of who you are so you need to hold the reins to it. What happens under the roof controls your mood, emotions, transform your outlook and incredibly affect your productivity levels. By ripping off unwanted baggage you’ll find yourself more useful at home and at work. A clean living habitat is crucial to joyous life.


6.    Enhance Your Quality of  Sleep

cleaning improves sleep quality


One is most comfortable when one is in his room & the quality of sleep you get highly depends on the environment you sleep in. Keeping your room clean and healthy is one of the simplest ways to promote better rest, without needing to do much else. Gaining proper sleep refreshes your mind helping you focus towards your goal & hence turning the wheel of your fortune.


Stop Thinking! Start Cleaning!



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