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Amazing Home Made Solutions for Every Type of Carpet Stains

home made carpet stain remover

A carpet stain is something that is bound to happen. It is inevitable and we all have faced it sometime or the other. Even though you take every sort of precaution to keep stains at bay and make sure that no kind of spill or accident causes to mar its beautiful appearance you really cannot help to prevent certain mishaps. It might so happen that a glass of mocktail drops accidentally while serving your guests or a drop of blood can ruin the carpet too. Your child may drop his food on your favorite expensive carpet or your pet dog just could not hold it any longer. From food to drinks to blood to pees to what not, your carpet is vulnerable to almost every kind of spill. And nothing can look ugly than a nasty mark of beautifully woven carpet. These look difficult to remove too. While you can always opt for professional carpet cleaning services to get the job done you can also work out a couple of effective ways that work wonders in removing different types of carpet stains.

Removing Drink Stain From Carpets


remove drink stain from carpet

Mocktails or any other drink spill can result in horrific carpet stain. You can follow the below given steps to get rid of ugly stain marks caused by your favorite drinks:

  •  First you need to dab the portion where the stain is with a dry piece of cloth preferably a towel. Do not rub it.
  •  Then make a mixture of 1 tbsp dish soap, 14 cup of white vinegar and water. Fill it in a spray bottle. Spray on the area and let it soak for about half an hour.
  •  Then go about blotting the area with a dry and clean towel till the stain fades away.

Removing Pet Stains From Carpets


remove pet stain from carpet

You favorite pets can give you an unwanted surprise anytime. One of the most frustrating things to happen to your carpet is obviously your dog or cat peeing on it. Not only does this creates a mess but looks ghastly and smells horrific too.  Here is what you should do to take care of such a carpet stain:

  • Begin with cleaning the mess. If any debris is there on the carpet wear disposable gloves and clean it up. If the stain is wet then blot it with a dry towel till the moisture is soaked. Remember not to rub. Blot repeatedly till the stain is entirely soaked and eradicated.
  •  In case if the stain has dried on the carpet itself then you need to use some water to moisten it. After that you can apply a pet stain removing solution for carpet fibers that is easily available in the market.  This is likely to work.
  •  If you want to neutralize the spot and odor emanating from the stain then you can work out a couple of tricks. Mix one quarter of warm water with ¼ cup of white vinegar. Apply this solution on the stain. Allow the spray to soak for an hour and then pat dry it with a towel.

Removing Coffee Stains From Carpets


coffee stain on carpet

An accidental spill of coffee on the carpet can really look bad and tarnish the look of it. It can become stubborn and difficult to remove if not treated as early as possible.  Here is how you should remove it:

  •  Start with the blotting step to soak the liquid in case the carpet fibers are still wet with coffee.
  •  Then make a mixture of water and vinegar as stated before and let it soak for an hour and then blot again. Repeat it several times till the stain fades away.

Removing Ink Stains From Carpets


ink stain on carpet

Ink stains can create havoc to carpet fibers and other fabrics and are considered t be one of the most stubborn stains. Here are the different ways of cleaning ink marks from carpet:

  •  A clean white piece of cloth can be dampened with isopropyl alcohol. Dab this on the stain without smearing or rubbing it or else the ink stain will spread further. Dab it repeatedly till the stain fades off.
  •  You can clean these stains with a few handy household items. You can use hairsprays and nail polish removers too. In fact, anything with alcohol content works. The higher the content of alcohol in the product the more effectively it will work on the stain.

Some of the Best Homemade Carpet Stain Removers

Here are some more effective carpet stain removers that are available easily at home.


If you have an ink mark on the carpet then cornstarch and milk can come to your rescue. Make a paste by mixing the two and apply it on to the stain. Let it dry; brush off the dried solution followed by vacuuming it up. Even oil and grease stains can be removed by this method.


If you have some greasy food stains on your carpet fibers then you can mix 1 part of salt with 4 parts of alcohol and then rub it on the grease mark. Ensure that you rub in direction of the natural nap of the carpet so that the fibers do not get worn out. This will surely help you get rid of the food mark on the carpet. If you have ketchup spill on the carpet then you can remove it with the help of salt too.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a versatile product that finds its use for many purposes. It can work wonders for cleaning carpet stains. If you want to clean vomit or pee from the carpet then baking soda can always be your best bet. Start off by wiping up whatever you can and then spill baking soda over the affected area.  Pat it with paper towel and let it dry completely. Baking soda will aid in sanitizing, cleaning and deodorizing the messy spot.


So, with these effective tips you can now take care of various kinds of carpet stains. In case you do not want to waste time in doing it yourself you can always call in professional carpet cleaning services to get the work done.



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