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6 Areas In Your House That You Must Clean

6 areas that we must clean

We all have our basics down when it comes to house cleaning- doing the laundry, wiping the kitchen countertops, cleaning the bathroom, however, we fail to understand that grime and dirt tend to collect not only in the frequently used places but also in the strangest of areas that usually do not fall within our eyesight but are thriving hot-spots for dust and bacteria.  Let us throw light on 6 of the less cleaned areas of our house that need our attention at the soonest. Read ahead to find out!

1.     Handles and Door Knobs

door knobs

You surely must not be wiping your handles and doorknobs every time you set out on a cleaning spree. However, considering the number of times everyone sets hands on them while going in and out of the room, it is high time you get into the habit of giving them a wipe more often. It is the one of the main areas that we must clean often. In fact, if you know the amount of bacteria handles and doorknobs (especially those of the bathroom) collect you are surely going to make a habit of cleaning them on a daily basis.

Whether it is the handle or doorknob of the front door or that of the kitchen cabinet or of anywhere, you should take time out at least once a week to clean them as they tend to attract germs that can make you fall sick. It is suggested to clean them with a disinfectant for better results.

2.     Air Vents

air vents

Air vents are easily prone to dust and dirt accumulation leading to the boom of bacteria and various other allergens in the air. Air vents are usually not cleaned on a frequent basis and sometimes they go without cleaning for months. What you need to do is simply unscrew these air vents at your home and wipe them down using a spray and a piece of cotton cloth. In case they cannot be unscrewed you can opt for cleaning them with a high power vacuum cleaner.

3.     Trash Can


You think all the trash from home is collected in the garbage bag in the trash can and once that bag finds its way out of the house you are done with all the trash. No! This is not the case at all. Some residue always manages to leak out from the bag and it is likely you will always find some scraps and crumbs in the trash can. All this is a perfect recipe for a gross, stinky and rotten environment that actually needs to be cleaned on a daily basis. You can clean it with a disinfectant and a solid scrubber or in case if you find a filthy build-up that has accumulated over a long period of time then you need to tackle it with hot water, soap and solid scrubbing. Regular cleaning will save you from the ordeal of cleaning too much of stinky filth off a trash can.

4.     Mattresses

mattress cleaning

One of the few areas we never clean are our mattresses. It’s plainly a gross idea not to clean mattresses on which you sleep every day. They are great poolers of dead skin cells, natural oils secreted from the body, sweat, dirt, pollens, dust, etc. They also carry a lot of germs. Well, you definitely do not need to clean your mattresses every month though regular dusting is needed. Once in every three months at least you should take time out of your busy schedule and show a little love to your good old mattress.

You need to vacuum the mattress to eliminate all the dead skin cells and other crumbs that gather on it. In case you find your mattress stained with any kind of spots then you can make use of a homemade solution containing baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and a dishwashing liquid. You can pour this mixture on the spotted areas and then rub with a clean towel. In case of tough stains you can use an upholstery cleaner to remove tougher stains.

If your mattress is emitting a funky smell then baking soda can be your respite in this regard. Sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress and let it sit for a few hours so that the mattress absorbs it. You can then vacuum it off.

It is also suggested that you show some fresh air and sunlight to your mattress from time to time. When you change the bed sheets, you can throw open the window so that the mattress absorbs some fresh air and sunlight. Or you can simply carry your mattress off to the terrace or the garden or backyard and let it sit under the sun for the whole day. This is a natural way to deodorize and also eliminating germs.

5.     Top of the Cupboard and Cabinets

cleaning kitchen cabinet tops

These are yet those common areas we never clean. The top of our cupboards, cabinets and wardrobes trap a lot of dust, allergens and dirt over time. You can opt for using a vacuum cleaner to pull in all the dust from over your small and big cupboards and cabinets.

6.     Refrigerator

cleaning refrigrator

Cleaning your refrigerator is a chore that only comes to your mind when you find your refrigerator all dirty and messed up and when there is the need to really clean it up. However, if you manage to clean your refrigerator once every month you will be saved from the tedious task of dealing with too much of mess at one time after a prolonged period of time. You can take out all the trays and clean them with a dishwashing soap and scrub and the inside of your refrigerator can be cleaned with the same too. You will have a sparkling fridge that will emit a pleasing fragrance.

So, with our list of the areas we never clean you now know which places of your home need your attention at the soonest. So get set to work and have a happy time cleaning!


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