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10 Fabulous Ways to Declutter Your Home

declutter your home

It really sounds great to have a simplified and uncluttered life! Having less stuff around you is indeed an attractive idea as lesser the possessions, the lesser you have to clean, the lesser you have to organize, less stress, less debt, more money and above all more energy that you can invest in the  important things in your life because as I said earlier Clean and Organised Home is a Gateway to Healthy Life. Well, talking about myself, whenever I look forward to declutter my home the only question I trip with is “where from do I begin?”

Well, let me tell you that the decluttering journey is not as bad as it may sound. So, there is absolutely no need to be anxious, overwhelmed or deflated. Here I have 10 of the most fabulous ways that I often use declutter my home which I am sharing with you all today. Follow Me On!

1.     Pick Up One Area at a Time


declutter one at a time

Pick up a counter first and start clearing it. Then proceed to another counter or a shelf. Gradually go to a cabinet and then the cupboard. Handling one space at a time and tackling each space fully before moving on to the next one is a smart way to go about decluttering your home. It may take a few days to complete the entire process but if you work in this kind of a systematic manner you will end up doing a great job for sure!


2.     Fill a Trash Bag

use trash bag

One of the easiest and the most fun ways to declutter is to grab a big sized trash bag and see how quickly you can fill it. So keep a trash bag somewhere in your room and anything useless you find anywhere in your home finds its way inside the bag. Once the bag is full you can throw the trash away or in case if you have your old clothes and shoes or anything that is of no use to you but can be reused can be given out to the poor.


3.     Try out the Closet Hanger Experiment


closet hanging

This is by far the best method to make out which items in your closet you do not need anymore. In order to identify which clothes you do not need you should hang all your clothes with the hangers in reverse direction. So, the clothes that you wear should be returned back to the closet with the hanger facing the correct direction. Now after 6 months you can easily figure out the ones that are still facing the wrong direction. Those are the ones that need to be discarded.


4.     Create a List


to do list

Another easy way that I follow to declutter my home is to create a list. All you need to do is simply make a list of all the areas of your house that needs to be decluttered. Have a starting zone and an ending zone. Begin with the easiest ones. Keep on ticking as soon as you are done with one area. Very soon you will find that you have cleared your entire house off all the unnecessary trash.


5.     Follow the 12-12-12 Technique


12 technique

This involves a simple technique in which you have to throw away 12 items, donate 12 items and find the right place for 12 items. This is an awesome way to organize a total of 36 items in your house. In fact, this can be a group task and different members of your family can participate to speed up the entire process of decluttering.


6.     Teach your Kids


kids organising

Yes, if you teach your kids the idea of keeping all things in their right places then they can actually help you a good deal in clearing off your space. When you are on your decluttering mission you can easily involve your kids and tell them to keep all things in their right place. The best way is to allot one child a room. They should be keeping things at the right place and keeping the useless things in a trash bag or a basket. You can supervise or give a final check on their job.


7.     The 3 Box Method

3 box

This is a wonder technique at the end of which you will surely feel that you have done a fantastic job. Keep three big boxes or baskets and label them “Keep”, “Throw”, “Donate”. Now whatever you find should find its way in the right box. Things that you think should be retained should go in the “Keep” box and later it should go to its right place. Things to be either thrown or donated should also go in their respective boxes.


8.     Have a Garage Sale


Yes, all the things that you find useless in your house can be a part of your next garage sale. That way you will not only get rid of all the clutter at your place but also end up making some money.


9.     Have a Sunday Basket


sunday basket

This is another great idea for decluttering your home. Get a big sized basket and keep it as a “Sunday Basket”. Everyday whatever useless items you find at home should be kept in that basket.  From clothes to toys to books to simply anything can go inside it. Every Sunday you should take time out to go back to the basket and empty it. Whatever needs to be thrown or donated should be taken care of respectively and the remaining should go to their right places.


10.   Work as a Team


team work

You can actually have a nice family time decluttering your home. Each family member should be allotted a room which he or she will have to declutter and clean. This not only eases the task but also makes it less consuming. Also the task does not remain daunting anymore and becomes a fun family task. You can all end up with a wonderful meal or a pizza once done with the decluttering task. Remember, Family that declutters together, stays together!

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Happy Decluttering!



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