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10 Amusing Ways to Make Cleaning Fun and Enjoyable

10 Amusing Ways to Make Cleaning Fun and Enjoyable

Who does not love a squeaky clean and sparking home? However, achieving that can be quite a chore. For all you working ladies, who do not manage to take time out from their packed schedule cleaning the house is nothing short of a nightmare. But, it’s time to deal with the drudgery of house cleaning and work it out intelligently so it becomes fun and enjoyable. Here are 10 awesome ways lined up for you so that house cleaning is no more a Herculean task for you and you enjoy every bit of it!

1.     Play Music

listen music while cleaning

Listening to music can cheer you up in no time. Whatever your choice of music is, loud, pop, soft, hip-hop, just let the speakers do their work and you will start grooving to the tune in no time. All in all, cleaning will no longer remain a task and get converted into a fun activity. There is no denying the fact that music elevates your mood so even the most boring chores turn out to be enjoyable.

2.     Select a Theme

clean like a pirate

Just the way you select a theme for your parties to make them more fun, you can also select an exciting theme for your cleaning day. You can opt for something whacky like a Pirate theme and all your family members can dress up as pirates and start working. It is surely going to be a lot of fun when an intimidating task is done in a silly way.

3.     Make it a Competition

turn cleaning into competition

Turning the task into a competition can lift up everyone’s spirit and get them motivated. You can tell your kids that the one who cleans his room first will get their favorite ice cream as prize. Or you can have competition among family members as who completes their cleaning task first. This is indeed one of the most exciting ways to make cleaning fun.

4.     Take Cleaning as a Workout Session

turn cleaning into workout

Indeed cleaning is an absolute workout! It can burn a lot of calories for sure. All the time when you are walking back and forth, sitting down, carrying or lifting stuff or getting up or going up and down the staircase you are burning calories. It will be a great idea to strap on a pedometer and keep track of the number of steps you take while you are on your cleaning mission.

5.     Set a Timer

set timer to clean

If you time yourself while cleaning your house you are likely to get motivated. Set a timer and see who cleans the fastest among family members. The one who finishes first should be given a prize. If you are cleaning alone then you can time yourself and try and beat the timing in which you completed the work last time. Compete with yourself and give yourself a prize at the end.

6.     Cleaning can be Turned into a Game

cleaning turned to game

Just the way cleaning can be turned into a workout; it can also be turned into a game. Get to work with your siblings, children, your spouse or your friends. Put up a chart for noting down the points. You can assign points to every cleaning task. Whoever manages to complete a task gets the respective point associated with the task. Once the cleaning chore is completed, count the total points of each member. Whoever scores the maximum number of points wins with a prize!

7.     Talk to Someone

talk and work

If cleaning seems boring then you can multitask. To make cleaning fun, you can call a friend or have your sibling or your spouse with you with whom you can talk while at work. They can even help you out with cleaning if they want. On the other hand, if you are alone then you can use a hands-free device to talk to anyone. In this way you can do two jobs at a time. If you are one such person who does not get time to talk to your family and friends who stay far away from you then this can be a productive way to talk to them for long while cleaning the house.

8.     Watch your Favorite Show

woamn watching tv

If cleaning is the only “me” time that you get, then you can watch your favorite TV show while doing the task. Watching TV is the best way to keep boredom at bay while you fold heaps of laundry. You can play your favorite movie or a TV show on your laptop and take it to each room that you clean. You can enjoy cleaning to bits if you work this way and not feel that you are doing a monotonous job at all.

9.     Reward Yourself

reward yourself for cleaning

We all agree that cleaning is no easy task and we refrain from it. However, cleaning your house is a necessary thing and you need to have a clean home to feel good and comfortable. So, it is suggested that you give yourself a reward or pamper yourself in some way or the other every time you indulge in house cleaning. For example, a bathroom cleaning session can be ended with a self-reward of a manicure.

10.   Plan a Post-Cleaning Party

party after cleaning

If you and your family members or roommates are working together as a team in cleaning the house then you all can pre-decide that once you all are done with the entire cleaning chore you all will order pizza from a restaurant and have a nice lunch party. You can order anything that you like and indulge in some great food to make up for all the hard work you all have put to clean your home.

So, with these 10 super-awesome tips you all now have a whole lot of ideas to plan out your next home cleaning session in the most fun way possible. All you need to do is have some great people working with you or even if you are alone you can make cleaning fun and enjoyable and have a nice time altogether.



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